Monday, November 7, 2016

Science & Humanities – Part 2


The Department of Chemistry is one of the oldest at the Alpha College of Engineering. The experienced staff members provide quality education to the first year students with the aid of top notch equipment. The department is renowned for its innovative teaching methods. As aspiring engineers, students must have a good understanding of chemicals and their properties since it forms the basis of most of the engineering disciplines. Catering to this requirement, the faculty at Alpha College of Engineering strengthen the students’ chemistry knowledge in theory and practical application.

The unique quality of the chemistry department is its updated laboratory geared with modern digital instruments:
pH meter | conductivity meters | calorimeters | flame photometer etc.
These instruments give the students hands on experience and provide a working environment that closely resembles a professional industry atmosphere, while simultaneously educating and making them well versed in chemistry. This discipline of teaching sets Alpha apart as one of the most promising job-ready engineering colleges in Chennai.
Mere knowledge does not suffice in a world where communication plays a major role. Be it communicating one’s own idea to others or acquisition of knowledge from other source (people / books etc.), it is vital to be proficient in the art of communication. In the current scenario, English is the library language that connects the world. For this reason, the department of English provides students with vital training to meet the demands of global communication and helps them develop proficiency in English. The department conducts English skill development courses and training that consist of traditional teaching methods while using technology. English is taught to students on different levels according to their proficiency. The English courses range from introductory to advanced levels. Encouraging intellectual independence, the department lays importance on the critical and creative cognition of students, which will improve by combining reading and interpretation of texts.
Activities such as seminars, film shows, debates, and group and panel discussions are regularly organized by the English Association to promote a wholesome approach in learning English. The activities act as career pavers and offer students employment advantage.
The Department of Science and Humanities is truly a pillar of strength as it plays a vital role in the development of the students’ academic and professional career, helping them to hone their basics and teaching them to apply their knowledge in practice.