Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Alpha College of Engineering Graduation Day

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Alpha College of Engineering, Thirumazhisai, recently celebrated its sixth graduation day at the institute premises. The chief guest of the function was Dr.K.Sekar, Director, Directorate of Collegiate Education, Chennai. Graduates who passed out during the academic year 2014 -2015 received their graduation certificates from the chief guest. 221 students from Departments of – BME (Bio Medical Engineering), CSE (Computer Science Engineering), ECE (Electronics & Communication Engineering), IT (Information Technology) and MBA received their respective UG & PG degree certificates. Ms.V.Yuvarani from the department of Bio Medical Engineering secured a University Rank.

In his address to the graduates, the Chief Guest Dr.K.Sekar, quoted profusely from the “Seven deadly sins”, written by Mahatma Gandhi, that is based on natural principles and laws, not on social values and mainly focused on idioms like - Wealth Without Work, Pleasure Without Conscience, Knowledge Without Character, Business Without Morality (Ethics), Science Without Humanity, Religion Without Sacrifice and Politics Without Principle. He impressed on the students to work with integrity and principles of humanity. The Chairperson Dr.Grace George, Vice Chairperson Mrs.Suja George, Principal Dr.K.Raja, and the Vice Principal Dr.Anita Titus graced the occasion.

Alpha Group of Institutions having 50 years of experience in the field of education started the Alpha College of Engineering more than a decade ago to offer quality engineering education and foster the latest in engineering and technology. Alpha perceives academia and industry as complementary entities that stand to mutually gain from each other’s strengths. To this end, Alpha places great emphasis on developing strong links with the industry through joint programs, invited lectures and workshops. Doyensys, Accel animation studios, Orchid pharmaceuticals, Ford India, St. Thomas hospitals and New Hope hospitals are some of the esteemed industry partners of Alpha. Students are constantly exposed to a host of activities that hone their technical and intellectual skills.

At Alpha great importance is placed on research based teaching. The state-of-the-art infrastructure includes well equipped laboratories and sports facilities. The college has to its credit a proven track record of industry internships and 100% placements. It has geared up its students for recruitment in coveted corporates like Cognizant, Mphasis, Infosys, HCL Technologies, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Bajaj Capital, Google etc.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Importance of learning English Language in School

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is an official language of the United Nations Organization (UNO). English has made the exchange of ideas between people of different culture and communities practically possible. India is a vast country with diverse languages spoken throughout here length and breadth. As India was ruled for nearly 200 years by Britain, English came to be widely used all over India. The reason English remained an official language after 1947 is because it played an important role in unifying regions with different people. In a country where over 30 languages are spoken not to mention the hundreds of dialects, English is one common language that unites everybody. It is used by people from diverse backgrounds all over India.

Historically since its introduction, English as a language has played an important role in media and education. Every year a large number of books are published in English in India, in fact India is the third largest country after United States and United Kingdom publishing books in English.  Indian writers such as Amitav Ghosh, Arundhati Roy, Vikram Seth who write in English have contributed richly to English literature.

In Indian education system today, English is the chief language. All major colleges and schools use English as their medium of instruction.  In today’s world a career in almost any field whether it is science, technology or business requires a good knowledge of English. Also in any competitive exam, both admission tests and job related tests, they have a separate section on English language. They aim to test the candidate’s comprehension skills, vocabulary etc.

Realizing the importance of English language, Alpha CBSE School, Porur, Chennai has inculcated the habit of reading at an early age. All students from classes 3 onwards are specially trained on spelling and pronunciation. Apart from this students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities and the school assembly. This improves their communication skills considerably and increases their confidence. Knowing and confidently speaking English opens up a world of opportunities to them.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Scope of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering (BME) is the amalgamation of engineering technology and biological sciences to improve the quality of healthcare thereby improving human life. It is one of the latest fields of engineering unlike the other fields like mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Biomedical engineers help in developing and designing the latest medical devices that help in efficient diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and ailments. Artificial limbs, prosthetics, body imaging devices are some of the examples of innovations in the biomedical engineering field.

The foundation of Biomedical Engineering are the core science subjects –Physics, Chemistry & Biology and Mathematics, so if you are interested in pursuing a course in Biomedical Engineering you have to have an interest in the basic sciences. It is a highly interdisciplinary field with subjects from diverse fields such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering etc. Biomechanics, Instrumentation, Imaging are some of the sub disciplines of the field.

The scope of Biomedical Engineering is rapidly expanding with the demand increasing in recent years. With the excellent integration of research centers and hospitals there has been some tremendous breakthroughs. Researchers, scientists and surgeons work together to solve the complex problems in healthcare and find better solutions. Biomedical engineers can find employment in the service and maintenance departments or can work in research centers  and labs. You can also pursue your Masters and PhD either in India or abroad. Some of the companies that hire Biomedical Engineers are L&T, Philips Healthcare, Siemens etc.

Alpha College of Engineering  a top engineering college in Chennai, offers Biomedical Engineering course along with other engineering disciplines. The college has 9 university rank holders and 100% placement in Biomedical Engineering. For the first time Alpha has introduced the B.E Plus Programme. Where the students get trained in the best industry practices in tandem with the engineering program. It provides exposure to the students about the happenings in various industries through institute-industry collaboration. Students get to understand the dynamic industrial environment and stay technically updated. At end of the course the students are completely job ready with the necessary skills to work in the relevant industry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pros and Cons of CBSE and ICSE Boards

Many different boards of education cater to the academic sector in India both at state and national levels. Out of these the two important National level boards are the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). The subjects taught in both these boards are the same and choosing the right board affects the student’s future. Each board has its own set of Pros and Cons and parents have to consider the individual needs of their children before choosing the board.


The biggest advantage of opting for a CBSE syllabus is that all major competitive exams in India are based on CBSE syllabus. The Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE), the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) and the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) are all based on CBSE syllabus.

The CBSE syllabus is relatively easy compared to other boards, it has got fewer subjects and is structured in a compact way.
Since the board is spread throughout the length and breadth of the country, a certificate from a CBSE board is valid throughout the country.


More emphasis is laid on theoretical knowledge than hands on practicals.
Subjects like English take secondary position when compared to science and maths subjects.

Pros and Cons of ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)


The syllabus followed by ICSE is comprehensive and places equal emphasis on all fields of education.

ICSE certificate is valid throughout the world with foreign universities and schools accepting them, when in comparison to the central board certificate.

Due to the emphasis laid on English, students from ICSE schools have an advantage in communication skills when compared to their CBSE counterparts.


Due to the vast curriculum students may get bogged down by the academics.
Securing high marks when in comparison to other boards might be difficult due to the higher standards in evaluation.

Alpha CBSE School Porur in Chennai offers both ICSE and CBSE syllabus and the choice of studying in the board you like is entirely your decision as both boards have their own pros and cons. Ultimately the quality of the education is what matters rather than the board and what you want your children to ultimately achieve.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Welcoming CBSE’S New Recommendation

Nobody forgets their school life and the perpetual homework that comes along with it. We all ended up doing our homework regularly or coming up with new excuses to our teachers for not doing them. But a recent story in newspapers questions the very nature of homework. Is homework in the current form necessary at all and if so does it help the students?

According to the story in newspapers, the Central Board of Secondary School (CBSE) recommendation is that the schools replace the word ‘homework’ with terms such as ‘practice work’ and ‘self work’.  The board has also recommended that students from classes 6 to 8 solve puzzles, write letters, cook, read newspapers, and watch documentaries & natural history programmes as part of their practice work.

The board has urged the schools to club these activities with concepts from the lessons that the students are taught. CBSE has also given a detailed manual on how ‘practice work’ can be made interesting for students and how these different activities play an important role in enhancing the learning curve of a child. As an example, to enhance mathematical skills children can help parents in planning the monthly budget of a household. Another way could be a pictorial representation of the clothes in their wardrobe.

Schools can conduct discussions with the students on the kind of after-school activities that they would like to do. Students can use newspapers and watch news channels to stay updated on the current events. For social sciences, students can discuss the solutions on a controversial law and do a possible case study are some of the further recommendations offered by the board.

While students have welcomed the move, some teachers and principals remain sceptical of the move. The pressure of doing homework may ease on the students, will it be useful in the longer run that’s a question that remains to be answered. Alpha CBSE School one among the leading CBSE schools in Chennai has welcomed the move. They assert that this move helps the students and encourages them to attend to their school work with enthusiasm. It removes the fear associated with homework and gives a free space for students to work. They can do their school work in an interesting and creative way and learn at the same time, getting the best of both worlds.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Choosing Best Engineering Courses

After the hectic preparation for your 12 standard exams and getting good results, you are about to join an engineering college. But the choice of branches from Electrical to Mechanical, from Chemical to Biomedical is bound to leave you confused. Deciding the right engineering stream is a tricky thing for both students and parents.

While the career options in other fields like medical and arts are relatively clear engineering offers a lot of choices. Courses like Electrical and Mechanical Engineering are considered core courses of engineering there are a lot of other branches like Chemical, Biomedical, Aeronautical, Industrial etc. Most students go by the job prospects of a course, your interest and aptitude for the course matters too and you should not ignore it.

It always better to go by the interest of the course rather than the scope. While the scope of the course may change from year to year the reality is every branch has good scope and offer great opportunity provide you are willing to work for it.  If you take up a course just on the basis of job prospects rather than interest you won’t get far in your field. So it is very important to choose a course based on your interest.

Digging deeper into the field of your choice can help you in making your decision. For example if you are interested in cars you might go for a specific field of Automobile Engineering instead of Mechanical Engineering.  If you are clear about your choice better will be results.  Another important thing is you should be clear on what work you want to do after finishing a course. For instance Civil Engineering entails a lot of field work and if you are not suited for it then you might as well avoid that course.

It also depends on your post graduation plans. If you choose Mechanical Engineering you can do post graduation in Automobile, Industrial, Manufacturing fields etc but if you choose Automobile Engineering your choice in post graduation is limited. Alpha College of Engineering is among the top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai and offers a wide choice of engineering branches including Biomedical Engineering. In Biomedical Engineering the college has 9 university rank holders. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

B.E Plus Program at Alpha College of Engineering

Alpha Group of Institutions having a legacy of 50 years of experience in education started the Alpha College of Engineering more than a decade ago to offer quality engineering education and foster the latest in technology. The college aims to develop entrepreneurial skills and bridge the lacuna between the world of work and learning.

Alpha perceives academia and industry as complementary entities that stand to mutually gain from each other’s strengths. To this end, we place great emphasis on developing strong links with the industry through joint programs, invited lectures and workshops. Doyensys, Accel animation studios, Orchid Pharmaceuticals, Ford India, St. Thomas Hospitals and New Hope Hospitals are some of our esteemed industry partners who support us in our ventures. Students are constantly exposed to a host of activities that hone their technical and intellectual skills.

At Alpha great importance is placed on research based teaching. The state-of-the-art infrastructure includes well equipped laboratories and advanced instrumentation research facilities. The college has to its credit a proven track record of industry internships and 100% placements. It has geared up its students for recruitment in coveted corporates like Cognizant, Mphasis, Infosys, HCL Technologies, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Bajaj Capital and Google.
  • Highlights of the Engineering Program:
  • 95% Placement in all Departments
  • 100% placement in Biomedical Engineering
  • 9 University Rank Holders
  • Well Experienced and Highly Qualified Faculty Members
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure with Well Equipped Laboratories

We have launched a new program the B.E. Plus Programme. It is a National Skill Developmental Council (NSDC) accredited and National Occupational Standards (NOS) aligned program which you study in parallel to your engineering program. The B.E. Plus programme increases the engagement of the students with the industry. Students will be able to interact with top industry leaders and gain insights into the working of the industry. Top performing students also have a chance of getting sponsorships from the industry. At the end of the B.E. Plus programme students are completely job ready. After getting placed in companies they do not require the necessary training to start working as they are already trained. The accredited programme is also certified by the industry with whom we collaborate. Skills required by the industry will be trained at Alpha which are aligned to NOS and certified by industry.                                                                                   

We also conduct programmes for life skills of students through structured programmes in a fun and entertaining way. Engaging sessions managed, developed and run by students help them to adapt to different circumstances and learn through experience.

New system of Education

The way in which teaching is offered especially at school level has indeed undergone a major transformation. New inventions and discoveries have yielded both machines and processes which have redefined the content and the very delivery of education. The aim of the exercise is manifold. In addition to improving the overall efficiency of teaching, it also intends to reduce the stress of learning. The process of teaching and learning thus becomes enjoyable for both the stake holders – teachers and students.

The Alpha Group of Institutions has diligently kept pace with this development and has successfully harnessed modern technology for the benefit of their students. This is evident in the infrastructure, amenities and facilities of global standards that are available in its schools and colleges.

For example in the Alpha International School, the class rooms are air-conditioned, cheerfully painted in vibrant colours, fitted with ergonomic student friendly furniture and smart boards. The rooms also have AV integration capability, all of which synergistically combine to create a highly conducive atmosphere for enriched learning.

Another example is the library. Well stocked with subject related books, reference books, relevant journals, periodicals and newspapers catering to the requirements of all grades, the library becomes an essential accessory. The peaceful and comfortable ambience of the library encourages extra-curricular reading that actually helps in better understanding and assimilation of curriculum subjects. And more importantly it helps develop reading as a habit, which will remain for life with the students. There is also a state-of-the-art AV Room equipped with a projector and surround sound system, which enables the learner to view curriculum related content in animation and helps reinforce the concepts taught in the classroom.

Alpha Group is also seized of the fact that not all children are equal and those with learning challenges require special attention. The in-house counsellor, identifies students with specific learning challenges and coaches them on how to overcome their challenges. Intensive tutoring using modern methods is provided so that these children with special needs are academically at par with their peers in the class room, helping them build their self- confidence to integrate with society. This also is in concurrence with our philosophy of all-inclusive education wherein every student is given an impartial chance to achieve his/ her full potential.