Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New system of Education

The way in which teaching is offered especially at school level has indeed undergone a major transformation. New inventions and discoveries have yielded both machines and processes which have redefined the content and the very delivery of education. The aim of the exercise is manifold. In addition to improving the overall efficiency of teaching, it also intends to reduce the stress of learning. The process of teaching and learning thus becomes enjoyable for both the stake holders – teachers and students.

The Alpha Group of Institutions has diligently kept pace with this development and has successfully harnessed modern technology for the benefit of their students. This is evident in the infrastructure, amenities and facilities of global standards that are available in its schools and colleges.

For example in the Alpha International School, the class rooms are air-conditioned, cheerfully painted in vibrant colours, fitted with ergonomic student friendly furniture and smart boards. The rooms also have AV integration capability, all of which synergistically combine to create a highly conducive atmosphere for enriched learning.

Another example is the library. Well stocked with subject related books, reference books, relevant journals, periodicals and newspapers catering to the requirements of all grades, the library becomes an essential accessory. The peaceful and comfortable ambience of the library encourages extra-curricular reading that actually helps in better understanding and assimilation of curriculum subjects. And more importantly it helps develop reading as a habit, which will remain for life with the students. There is also a state-of-the-art AV Room equipped with a projector and surround sound system, which enables the learner to view curriculum related content in animation and helps reinforce the concepts taught in the classroom.

Alpha Group is also seized of the fact that not all children are equal and those with learning challenges require special attention. The in-house counsellor, identifies students with specific learning challenges and coaches them on how to overcome their challenges. Intensive tutoring using modern methods is provided so that these children with special needs are academically at par with their peers in the class room, helping them build their self- confidence to integrate with society. This also is in concurrence with our philosophy of all-inclusive education wherein every student is given an impartial chance to achieve his/ her full potential.