Thursday, July 14, 2016

Welcoming CBSE’S New Recommendation

Nobody forgets their school life and the perpetual homework that comes along with it. We all ended up doing our homework regularly or coming up with new excuses to our teachers for not doing them. But a recent story in newspapers questions the very nature of homework. Is homework in the current form necessary at all and if so does it help the students?

According to the story in newspapers, the Central Board of Secondary School (CBSE) recommendation is that the schools replace the word ‘homework’ with terms such as ‘practice work’ and ‘self work’.  The board has also recommended that students from classes 6 to 8 solve puzzles, write letters, cook, read newspapers, and watch documentaries & natural history programmes as part of their practice work.

The board has urged the schools to club these activities with concepts from the lessons that the students are taught. CBSE has also given a detailed manual on how ‘practice work’ can be made interesting for students and how these different activities play an important role in enhancing the learning curve of a child. As an example, to enhance mathematical skills children can help parents in planning the monthly budget of a household. Another way could be a pictorial representation of the clothes in their wardrobe.

Schools can conduct discussions with the students on the kind of after-school activities that they would like to do. Students can use newspapers and watch news channels to stay updated on the current events. For social sciences, students can discuss the solutions on a controversial law and do a possible case study are some of the further recommendations offered by the board.

While students have welcomed the move, some teachers and principals remain sceptical of the move. The pressure of doing homework may ease on the students, will it be useful in the longer run that’s a question that remains to be answered. Alpha CBSE School one among the leading CBSE schools in Chennai has welcomed the move. They assert that this move helps the students and encourages them to attend to their school work with enthusiasm. It removes the fear associated with homework and gives a free space for students to work. They can do their school work in an interesting and creative way and learn at the same time, getting the best of both worlds.