Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Choosing Best Engineering Courses

After the hectic preparation for your 12 standard exams and getting good results, you are about to join an engineering college. But the choice of branches from Electrical to Mechanical, from Chemical to Biomedical is bound to leave you confused. Deciding the right engineering stream is a tricky thing for both students and parents.

While the career options in other fields like medical and arts are relatively clear engineering offers a lot of choices. Courses like Electrical and Mechanical Engineering are considered core courses of engineering there are a lot of other branches like Chemical, Biomedical, Aeronautical, Industrial etc. Most students go by the job prospects of a course, your interest and aptitude for the course matters too and you should not ignore it.

It always better to go by the interest of the course rather than the scope. While the scope of the course may change from year to year the reality is every branch has good scope and offer great opportunity provide you are willing to work for it.  If you take up a course just on the basis of job prospects rather than interest you won’t get far in your field. So it is very important to choose a course based on your interest.

Digging deeper into the field of your choice can help you in making your decision. For example if you are interested in cars you might go for a specific field of Automobile Engineering instead of Mechanical Engineering.  If you are clear about your choice better will be results.  Another important thing is you should be clear on what work you want to do after finishing a course. For instance Civil Engineering entails a lot of field work and if you are not suited for it then you might as well avoid that course.

It also depends on your post graduation plans. If you choose Mechanical Engineering you can do post graduation in Automobile, Industrial, Manufacturing fields etc but if you choose Automobile Engineering your choice in post graduation is limited. Alpha College of Engineering is among the top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai and offers a wide choice of engineering branches including Biomedical Engineering. In Biomedical Engineering the college has 9 university rank holders.