Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Information Technology (IT)

Established in the year 2006, the Department of Information Technology has spared no expense to provide students with the best equipments for their education. The dedicated faculty enhance students' learning experience with quality education providing them with practical lessons which are useful when they leave college and enter their careers. Students expand their technical expertise in the course.

The department is furnished with the latest equipments for training the students’ to meet the industry requirements placing it among the top engineering colleges in Chennai when it comes to provision of infrastructure and equipments.

IT Lab-I & II
The department has computing laboratories with advanced computer systems with a vast collection of software, ranging over a wide field of applications. The IT Laboratory-I & II are geared with 120 systems with the latest configurations of HCL. Updated software is used in keeping with the university requirements. 

Project Lab (IT Lab-I)

Students carry out their research work and complete projects in the Project Lab. The provisions in the lab help them to finish their projects efficiently and effectively. The resources in the lab aid the students in coming up with creative solutions.

System Configuration

HCL - Dual Core 2.20GHZ | Gigabyte Motherboard | 1GB RAM | 160GB Hard Disk

Software Details

Windows XP | Fedora 12 | Star UML | Agro UML | Oracle 11g | Visual Studio 2010 | Turbo C | JDK 1.6 | NET Beans 7.4

List of Labs in IT Lab-I

Data Structure Lab | Case Tools Lab | Computer Practice Lab | Mobile Application

List of Labs in IT Lab-II

Computer Graphics Lab | Service Oriented Architecture Lab | Data Base Management System Lab | Web Programming Lab | Network Lab | Operating System Lab

II. Communication Lab

A total of thirty computer systems in the Communication Lab enable students to foster their communicative skills. The lab assists the students to sharpen their soft skills equipping them for their careers and improving their potentials of getting placed. The Communication Laboratory improves the communication skills of students through computer programmes: Software Installed Interactive Teacher Control Software, English Language Software and Career Lab Software.

System Configuration

HCL - Dual Core 2.20GHZ | Gigabyte Motherboard | 1GB RAM | 160GB Hard Disk | HP Scan jet G2400-1 | Cannon LBP 2900B-1

Soft Skill Development

English Mastery | Speech Solutions | Writing for Business | Time Management | Group Discussion and Personal Interviews | Professional Presentation