Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is often called ‘the father of engineering’ as it involves the ability to evaluate and analyze statistics, information, and data to design machines which make life easier. Industries such as the automotive, aerospace, micro-electromechanical systems and various others are highly dependent on mechanical engineers. With the rapid growth and development in technology on a global scale and in various categories, the need for mechanical engineers is always on the rise with its potentials spreading out farther than the previously considered boundaries - making way into nanotechnology, biomedical applications and environmental conservation. 

With the expanding prospects in the mechanical field, the Alpha Engineering College has framed its syllabus to prepare students to meet the demands of the world and perform at global standards. Listed one among the top engineering colleges in Chennai, Alpha College of Engineering provides unique training for the students. The course comes to life with the faculty - who are experienced professionals - adopting the case study based teaching method. The opportunity to work on live projects gives hands on experience to students at Alpha.

Mechanical Engineering @ Alpha
Mechanical Engineering empowers students with technical and distinctive skills required for engineers who have to practise a career which involves merging diverse operations ranging from analysis of material to production, transmission and utilization of mechanical power. Students are taught to sharpen their proficiency at exploring and harnessing different energy sources, understanding power generation parameters and identifying any design malfunctions.

To produce world class mechanical engineers, the college has well equipped laboratories with state of the art facilities which include the following: 
  • Engineering Practice Lab
  • Manufacturing Technology Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • Metrology Lab
  • Dynamics Lab
  • Ansys & Simulation Lab
  • Mechatronics Lab
  • Thermal Lab – I
  • Thermal Lab – II

The latest software have been installed in the computers in keeping with the advancements in the mechanical engineering field - UG CAM, IDEAS | Edge CAM | Pro-E | Ansys |Lab View |Autocad |Solid works |MSDN Academic Alliance (Unlimited Users) |Windows XP Professional |Windows Server 2008 |Microsoft Office 2007.