Friday, November 18, 2016

Graduate Engineering Employability Programme

The Graduate Engineering Employability Programme endeavors to equip students with the necessary proficiency, aptitude and soft skills in order to produce graduates who are industry ready. Currently in India, over 55 lakh engineers graduate annually. Of these graduates, only 35 thousand are immediately employable. Though students put in great effort and perform well in there academics, when they graduate they find themselves struggling to get placed. Recognizing where the problem lies and initiating measures to overcome these problems are vital. Alpha College of Engineering has done exactly that.

As graduates leave college and go for interviews, they lack certain qualities that recruiters look for. It is expected that over the next 10 years India will contribute to more than 25% of working age population on a global scale. Though there is so much scope, students struggle to get placed because they lack in the parameters which a potential employer looks for.    

The key parameters recruiters look for:  
  • Academic performance and record 
  • Aptitude (general and technical)
  • People skills (Soft skills)
  • Specialization

At Alpha, GEEP is on a mission to bridge this gap between the demands of the industry and the surplus supply of students, by offering value added training programmes. These programmes are taught along with the regular degree course.    

The Graduate Engineering Employability Programme caters to all engineering students regardless of the branches of engineering. These skill development courses are structured to specifically cater to the requirements of various industries. Since these requirements are constantly changing, the content of the courses are updated on a regular basis by industry experts.

What makes GEEP different?
  • Students are trained by industry experts
  •  Training in line with industry requirements and expectations 
  •  The syllabus is constantly updated with the changes in the current trends and industry   requirements
  •  Employment oriented
  •  Hard skills and soft skills are taught simultaneously     
Job Placement Assistance

 Job placement assistance is offered to all students. Based on the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation method (CCE method) students are assessed to see if they have gained adequate knowledge after the completion of each module. This is to ensure that every applicant from Alpha is job ready.         

Moreover, the tie-ups the college has with other companies provide students with a wide choice and a better chance of being recruited.