Monday, November 21, 2016

Quality Policy at Alpha College of Engineering

Alpha College of Engineering strives to do the utmost on the placement front for its students. Right from the first year at college, students are constantly guided and nurtured towards successful placement by means of the students’ learning centre, faculty advisor programme, teacher for student programme, English and foreign language development cell, minimum learning material and the Alpha portal for student excellence. Thus positioning it among the best placement ready engineering colleges in Chennai.

Alpha aims to contribute to the world at large by empowering students who are competent and ethical and launch them into a successful career which enhances their lives as well as the lives of others around them. With an eye to inculcate these principles, the students are fostered with sound philosophy which is based on core human values – a trait that is a reflection of the mission of the college.

Extracted from the Mission of Alpha College of Engineering

  • To offer dynamic academic programmes that are applicable on a regional and national scale
  • To offer training that makes students versatile and constantly update themselves with the changing trends in the field of engineering
  • To involve innovative training techniques in the pedagogy that lead students towards ‘out of the box’ thinking
  • To help students acquire industrial experiences which in turn leads to wholesome academic development
  • To hone entrepreneurial skills that bridge the gap between work and learning – thereby empowering the students and boosting their confidence
  • To promote value-based education that makes students aware of their social responsibilities and work towards a progressive nation
  • Upgrading the academic programmes
  • Providing top notch infrastructure facilities,
  • Conducting extension programmes and services which involve community development programmes and entrepreneurship development programmes
  • Encouraging research and development programmes

Working towards the successful implementation of the mission of the college, the Alpha administration has a clear-cut quality policy which has parameters that are followed rigorously.

Quality Policy

The quality policy at Alpha College of Engineering ensures that high quality technical education is offered to the students by constantly:

Ultimately the efforts of the college towards the development and placement of students makes Alpha a guaranteed placement engineering college.