Friday, September 16, 2016

Stress Free Studying

Studying! The one word, at the mention of which children begin to groan, get headaches and stomach aches out of the blue. Why does studying bring such aversion? After all, is it not fun to learn new things every day? While children are naturally curious and have eager minds to learn, it is about how they are taught and the ambience that surrounds them that makes the difference.

Studying has gone past the ideals of gaining knowledge and wisdom and turned into an act of rote to obtain marks and top the class with no real learning. While studying is important, it is also essential that it takes place without stress.

At Alpha Group of Institutions, our teachers and professors make studying stress free and reduce anxiety in the classrooms, providing stress free education and setting the perfect platform for all round learning.

Here are a few tips for school and college students to follow, which can make their learning efficient and effective.

Prepare a schedule: Keeping a schedule and following it helps utilize time wisely. It also helps to keep track of how far one has come and how much further one has to complete in the syllabus. Schedules eliminate the possibility of sudden panic attacks related to homework, exams and completion of syllabus.              

Allocate a place: Assign a selected spot where you study. Make sure it does not have any distracting elements in its vicinity and is quiet and secluded.  

Reading: Cultivate the practice of reading. It helps acquire and retain information. Remember that it is about understanding and not merely memorizing.     

Note taking: Taking notes is an important aspect of studying as it is helps the students recollect what was taught in class. There may be some points shared by the teacher or peers in class which the text books do not contain. The main topics and important points will be highlighted by the teacher in class and the notes taken in class help while revising and especially while preparing for exams.

Be involved in class: Do not hesitate to ask questions. When you have doubts, clear it immediately. This will eliminate confusion leading to stress. Participate in the activities and exercises in class.    

Revision: Revise what you study every day. This refreshes your memory and keeps you updated.

Maintain a healthy diet, exercise and get good sleep. A healthy mind will be possible only when the body is healthy. Studying well and getting the desired results is not about working hard, it about working smart.