Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Introducing the Pre-Engineering Program in Schools

Although it is evident that education can transform lives, does it lead to employment is a question that we have to analyze.  In the engineering field it is the same scenario, while there are many degree holding engineers it is difficult to find one with the necessary skills equipped to work in a global market place. The root of the problem lies in school education; it fails to impart foundational skills to succeed in technical education.  Another added problem is the knowledge of English. In schools, students studying in English medium or any other medium for that matter are told to ignore the languages and concentrate on science and maths. When they come to study technical education where most of the books are in English they face difficulties.

This is where the Pre-Engineering program comes into play. There can be a program that teaches the foundational skills necessary for students to make the necessary transition from school education to engineering stream. Some of the core skills necessary are communicative English, computing skills and mathematics. Without a firm grasp on these areas students will find it difficult to keep pace with engineering education and lose the opportunity of transforming their lives for the better.

The first and foremost area in which engineers need improvement is their ability to communicate in English. This helps them in their presentations, writing assignments and gives them the confidence to face the exams boldly.  It also helps when despite their technical knowledge they don’t have the skills necessary to perform in interviews and GDs.  Secondly knowledge of computers is a must in today’s education scenario and work.  Students from rural background still lack the necessary skills when it comes to using a computer, so providing special computer education is a must. Thirdly engineering education cannot be complete without the necessary mathematical ability.  This will help them strengthen their understanding and application of math principles in engineering.  A Pre-Engineering program introduced in schools will help students emerge as better engineers at the end of their engineering education. Alpha College of Engineering is among the top engineering colleges in India offering quality engineering education. It belongs to the Alpha Group of Institutions having more than five decades of experience in the field of education and a leading education groups in India.